Making competitions: Within the limits / Beyond the limits

Wonderland Symposium

Thu 18.06.2009, 11:30-18:00

In English

What role do architecture competitions play for the architecture offices?
Are they an adequate means of finding the next commission?
Which competition system works best?
What is the situation in other European countries?

The findings of a pan-European study carried out specially for the exhibition ‘Deadline Today!’ provide the basis for a discussion. The symposium ‘Making competitions: Within the limits / Beyond the limits’ will pursue these questions.

In talks and contributions to the discussion, competition participants, jurors, representatives of the organisations behind the competitions, and the Wonderland team, explore the contents of the report as well as the topographical boundaries.


Competition systems: Searching for the right one.

11.30am – 1pm

Thomas Maibaum (D), legal advisor to the Deutsche Bundesarchitektenkammer
Rudi Schicker (A), executive counsellor for urban development and traffic, Vienna
Georg Pendl (A), chairman of the competition committee of the Architects Council of Europe
Clemens Kirsch (A), architect: Kindergarten Schukowitzgasse, Vienna
nug arquitectes (ES): “Shared Water” Pavilion, Expo Zaragoza 2008
moderated by: Marc Gilbert

European visions: Is the European system a chance for new-comers?

2.30pm – 4pm

Beatrice Manzoni (I)
Yvette Masson Zanussi (F), European Forum for Architectural Policies
Zsolt Gunther (HU), architect and member of the KÉK
Impromptu arquitectos (PT): Make me a Home / Northshore Competition, Stockton-on-Tees
Fordewind architetcure (BG): Banya Residence, Razlog
moderated by: Hans Ibelings (NL), writer and editor of the journal A10

Winning strategies: What is needed to make a winner?

4.30pm – 6pm

Walter Chramosta (A), architecture critic and competition consultant
VROA architekci (PL): Extension of Centennial Hall, Wroclaw
nonconform architektur vor ort (A): Temporary Theater Haag, Haag
moderated by: Silvia Forlati, SHARE architects und Vorsitzende Wonderland (A)

Admission free