Lightweight Clay Construction – 24.05./2pm

Cooperative undertaking between the Az W and the FH Spittal in Kärnten

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Sat 24.05.2014, 14:00-23:59

Lightweight Clay Construction 22.05./10am
© FH Spittal in Kärnten

Participants are given an insight into the different steps and work processes of an almost forgotten traditional construction method and learn how to handle the composite building material clay and straw. A kind of seating unit will be built in the Az W courtyard. Over the duration of the exhibition it will be possible to see how this clay-straw mass reacts to the influence of the weather.

Dates: Thurs, 22.05. / Fri, 23.05. / Sat, 24.05.2014
Thu & Fri reserved for schools, Sat open to the public
starts at 10 am & 2 pm
Duration: 3 h
Location: Az W Hof & Hall F3

Reservations required: T +43 1 522 31 15 or