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Games Night

Let‘s play!

To accompany the exhibition 'Serious Fun'

Wed 25.05.2022, 19:00-21:00
Wooden landscape with small houses and trees

© photograph: Hans Venhuizen

An evening dedicated to using games to explore possibilities for spatial planning and architecture: Let's Play!

Games are tried and tested tools in the participatory planning process as their immersive character can help explain complex contexts — while also providing fun and entertainment. Mobility Safari is a board game developed especially for Vienna and the city’s urban mobility policy. In Parquette, the players use their creativity and their empathy to make plans for the development of Parquette Village.

We invite engaged citizens to join us — especially all those involved with participatory planning in the fields of Viennese Gebietsbetreuung, consultation and research.

Supervised by:
Martina Jauschneg, Landscape architect, Vienna (Mobility Safari)
Hans Venhuizen, spatial planner, Rotterdam (Spiel Parquette)