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Le Nouveau Réalisme

The New Generation of French Urbanists

Fri 04.06.2004, 17:30-20:30

Le Nouveau Réalisme
© Nicolas Michelin

An international event on the programme for the Architekturtage 2004 is provided by an Architekturzentrum Wien presentation of five French architects from the emerging generation in the form of a seminar. These architects represent a series of younger protagonists who look like they are founding a new movement in France primarily characterised by a strong affinity for urban development issues.

In the ensuing panel discussion a comparison is to be made with the situation in Austria.

Welcome: Dietmar Steiner, Az W director
Introduction: Rudolf Schicker, executive city councillor
On the topic: Liane Lefaivre, architect


Julien Monfort/Marseille
Djamel Klouche/Paris
Aldric Beckmann & Françoise N’Thépé/Paris
David Fagart (Agence Jean Nouvel)/Paris
Nicolas Michelin/Paris.


Jean-François Drevon
Jean Louis Violeau
Nicolas Michelin
Moderated by: Liane Lefaivre

A seminar held in cooperation with the Institut für Geschichte und Theorie der Architektur at the Vienna University of Applied Art, Institut Français de Vienne, Le Moniteur/AMC, with the support of the AFAA (Association Française d’Action Artistique).

Concept: Liane Lefaivre and Jean-François Drevon