The Long Night of Research, 2024

Fri 24.05.2024, 17:00-23:00
Eiffel Tower in Paris in a lush green garden

Paris, 2100: A large number of inner-city public squares were remodelled and unsealed with the participation of local residents
© Collages Paris 2100, processed with the help of AI

The Az W is participating once again in the Austria-wide Long Night of Research, which is being held at over 280 venues across the country. In all nine federal states, you can discover things that otherwise often remains hidden, with free admission: the exciting, the surprising and the astonishing!

17:00-19:00 ‘Tourist Info’
The Az W team will be on hand to provide information and tips on the ‘Toourism’ exhibition

17:00 Participation station: Building a Spectroscope
Light is an important parameter in the perception of space. The spectroscope breaks down daylight, light from an incandescent lamp bulb energy-saving bulbs into their different colours.

19:00 guided tour in dialogue: What is the role of artificial intelligence in the design of exhibitions?
In the ‘Toourism’ exhibition, some visualisations have been developed with the help of AI, which was particularly helpful for the climate scenarios. Steff Salcher, from the design and animation studio LWZ, and curator Karoline Mayer give a guided tour of the exhibition while also sharing insights into the development process.