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Lecture with response

LAN Local Architecture Network

IBA_Wien meets Architects #7

Wed 25.09.2019, 19:00-21:00
black dressed dark-haired man with beard

Umberto Napolitano von LAN Local Architecture Network, Paris
© photograph: Claire Dorn

How can large-scale, post-war, modern housing developments be transformed socially, culturally and technologically? The famous Paris office LAN Local Architecture Network is one of the architectural pioneers in the issues concerned.

Their much acclaimed project in the French suburb of Lormont renovates and improves not only the existing building but also places entirely new public spaces between the towers. A park as well as several communal facilities improve the quality of life in a quarter that only takes up about 10% of the district’s surface, but in which 50% of the residents of Lormont live. This and other projects are presented by Umberto Napolitano, co-founder of LAN, in his lecture. Would a Lormont be possible in Vienna?


Lecture: Umberto Napolitano, LAN Local Architecture Network, Paris

Respondence: Silja Tillner, Architektin, Tillner & Willinger ZT GmbH, Wien

Moderated by: Angelika Fitz, Direktorin Az W