Workshop (6–10)

Join Us, We’re Going on a Journey!


Tue 26.03.2024, jeweils 10:00–12:00 oder 13:00–15:00
there is sand in a glass bowl and in it a small doll's deckchair and a small figure made of modelling clay lying on a tiny towel, next to it a small ball and a small parasol

Idyllic beach
© Photograph: Christoph Hübl

Do we have to travel far away to have a good holiday? What were your best holiday experiences and what was most important to you? During the time of Corona we learnt to appreciate our immediate surroundings. We wander through the ‘Toourism’ exhibition, and look at how the size of hotel rooms has changed and how much CO2 a cruise ship produces, and then we build models of our own little holiday oases.