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Lecture and Response

J & L Gibbons, London, UK

IBA_Wien meets Architects #13

Wed 18.05.2022, 19:00-21:00
black and white photo with woman looking directly into the camera

Johanna Gibbons
© photograph: Sarah Blee

Open space close to homes are decisive for our towns and cities in the future. Green spaces and water invite relaxation and recreation and improve the quality of life. Politicians and planning departments are called upon to support and design such transformations for the climate and to promote social equality.

How can densely built-up residential districts in Vienna be integrated into blue and green infrastructure, and what are examples from other countries to learn from. The London-based landscape architects J & L Gibbons are known for their visionary design processes, which combine education, research and activism with caring for the land. In the multiple award-winning project Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, conceived and realised in collaboration with muf architecture, they initiated a community garden as part urban agriculture and part urban forest, inviting users to learn, grow, relax and play naturally.

This year, the successful series of events is dedicated to the topic of green spaces close to homes and so to pioneering work in landscape architecture.

Lecture: Johanna Gibbons, J & L Gibbons, London, UK

Responce: Daniel Zimmermann, 3:0 Landschaftsarchitektur

An event in cooperation with IBA_Vienna