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Panel discussion

News from the West

Wed 15.09.2021, 19:00-21:00
an old man with glasses and a young man stand in the sunshine in front of a mountain backdrop

Karl Sillaber (C4 Architekten) and Matthias Hein in front of the school in Nüziders
© photograph: Nikolai Dörler, 2019

Interest in the Baukünstler in Vorarlberg continues uninterrupted, as is demonstrated by two new books published in cooperation with the Architekturzentrum Wien, the vai and the vorarlberg museum. These books are to be presented in an evening that promises a dense array of contents.

The two books ‘Rudolf Wäger. Baukünstler 1941–2019’ and ‘C4 Architekten — Fohn + Pfanner + Sillaber + Wengler’ close a gap in the processing of the history of Austrian architecture, especially the Vorarlberg success story. Continuing in the vein of the intergenerational dialogue we encountered in connection with our Vorarlberg exhibition (2019/20), the authors discuss the Baukünstler’s significance at that time and their relevance for the current generation with architecture critic and author Otto Kapfinger, as well as with the Vorarlberg architect Matthias Hein.

Welcome address:
Angelika Fitz, Az W director

Martina Pfeifer Steiner, architecture publicist
Marina Hämmerle, building culture specialist
Ingrid Holzschuh, architecture historian
Otto Kapfinger, architect, author and publicist
Matthias Hein, architect

Moderated by
Sonja Pisarik, Az W curator