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Panel discussion

A Focus On: Architectural Photography Since 1945

To accompany the exhibition 'Margherita Spiluttini / Collection with a View #2'

Wed 25.10.2017, 19:00
Margherita Spiluttini on a crane

Portrait Marghertia Spiluttini
© Photograph: Pez Hejduk, Vienna

At the opening of the window display dedicated to Margherita Spiluttini, a panel of experts is holding a discussion on architectural photography.

During the postwar period a symbiosis arose between architecture and photography. Documentation was not in the center of discussion, in fact it was the employment of visual emphasis that dominated the visual communication of the architectural new beginning after 1945. Together with experts we take a look at the past and into the future of the medium architectural photography.


  • Karin Haupt, architect
  • Gabriele Hofer-Hagenauer, historian of photography
  • Karin Mack, artist and architectural photographer
  • Margherita Spiluttini, architectural photographer
  • Harald R. Stühlinger, historian of architecture, urbanism and photography

Moderation: Monika Platzer, Az W