Presentations & discussion

Hollein Re­­loaded

Wed 24.01.2024, 18:00-20:00
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Hans Hollein
© Archive Hans Hollein, Az W and MAK, Wien

When the Republic of Austria purchased the Archive Hans Hollein, Az W and MAK and it was acquired by the Az W, an appreciation award and project grants were also established. The latter are awarded annually to outstanding positions and projects. The evening brings together some of the award winners and shows a wide variety of approaches to Hollein's oeuvre.

Represented on the stage are the first and the most recent winners of the Hans-Hollein-Kunstpreis: Hermann Czech, and the office that won the Prize for 2023, Auböck + Kárász. The winners of the grants, Claudia Larcher, Andreas Rumpfhuber, and Basma Abu-Naim and Felix Siegrist, provide an insight into their artistic and research-fed engagement with the Hollein phenomenon.

So too, the exhibition ‘Hollein Calling’ emerged from a project awarded such a grant. What role does Hans Hollein play in the work of architects today? In what ways does one encounter the renowned architect in architecture, art and research?

Welcome address:
Gerhard Jagersberger, BMKÖS

Impulse lectures and discussion with:
Basma Abu-Naim + Felix Siegrist
Auböck + Kárász
Hermann Czech
Claudia Larcher
Andreas Rumpfhuber

Moderated by:
Monika Platzer, Head of Collections, Curator, Az W