Guided tour in dialogue

Hollein Calling. Architectural Dialogues

Hollein and the Jump in Scale

Tue 28.11.2023, 17:30-18:30
Room with a light, wooden door and red bar

Martin Feiersinger: Gandegg Castle, Transformation and Restauration of the Ringwall Wing, Eppan, Italy, 2019–2022, anteroom with bar
© Photo: Werner Feiersinger

Martin Feiersinger on studying architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the studio next to Hans Hollein’s own master class (from 1989).

Martin Feiersinger is your guide through the exhibition. In Hollein’s view, a silver bowl could incorporate an architecture in miniature, or, conversely, a building could metamorphose into a miniature. Both are accorded the same level of care and attention. In a dialogue describing his own work process, Martin Feiersinger tells us that, like Hollein, he can find himself working on a small-scale project for a whole two years.