Guided tour in dialogue

Hollein Calling. Archi­­tectural Dia­logues

Mobile Office

Tue 23.01.2024, 17:30-18:30
Computer drawing in black and white

Expanded Design: Wunschmaschine Wohnanlage, Vienna, Austria, 2014–2016, conceptual drawing, digital collage
© Expanded Design, Andreas Rumpfhuber

Andreas Rumpfhuber is an architect and architecture theorist. New lifestyles and forms of work are part of his field of research.

The 1969 short film on Hollein preempts the way the job and production of architecture have changed. Andreas Rumpfhuber has engaged with changes in working conditions after the 2nd world war in his research, and with this vision in particular, among others. Following the screening of the film, he chats with an Az W guide while they give a guided tour of the exhibition.