Guided Tour

Guided Tour LINZ TEXAS – July

Wed 16.07.2008, Daily 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM, Wednesdays until 09:00 PM

Guided Tour LINZ TEXAS - July
© BKA/Stadt Leonding, Montage: MVD

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The capital of the federal state of Upper Austria, Linz, is a prototypical middle-sized town. It also occupies a position in the middle between industry and culture, between economic hotspot and natural setting, and making use of Vienna and Salzburg as major tourist destinations, the town has recently shown a remarkable talent for reinventing itself. Linz is to be European Capital of Culture in 2009. This calls for a new profile. Who can Linz learn from and what can others learn from Linz? What does Linz have in common with Madrid, Wolfsburg or Seattle? Which of its attributes are shared with Moscow, Manchester or Davos? An urban road movie — to the end of the world — is looking for the answer.

The aim pursued by the exhibition LINZ TEXAS is a daring one. ‘A City Relates’ alludes to individual facets and attributes of the town that link Linz to both obvious and apparently absurd aspects of other towns and cities. With this concept an emphatic and atmospheric reading is suddenly opened that goes well beyond previously known methods of representing a town. The result is an adventurous profusion of comparisons intended to refresh the view of the city of Linz and its affinities, and to inspire the imagination.

Exhibition curator: Angelika Fitz
Project coordination Az W: Katharina Ritter
Cooperation partner: Linz 2009 — Kulturhauptstadt Europas OrganisationsGmbH