Guided Tour

Guided Tour: “Chinaproduction” December

Wed 05.12.2007, Daily 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM, Wednesdays until 09:00 PM

Guided Tour: "Chinaproduction" November

Guided tour in German, no English Audio-Guides available!

The tour provides an overview of the exhibition.

Under the title “Chinaproduction” the exhibition presented in the Az W reflects the current international debate about contemporary architecture in China that is developing from a Maoist-communist state to a political and economic superpower with Western tendencies.

For the Western international architecture business China has become the most desirable place to build. Prestigious buildings by star architects function as emblems of contemporary Chinese identity. They are intended to symbolise a modernised open China, which, it is often now maintained, is more Western than the West. Peking for example, which is to be converted into the metropolis of the “global players”, offers a setting for “hypermodernity”. Traditional and historic structures fall victim to this modernisation that in some cases involves the destruction of entire areas.

The current discussion about the breath-taking urban transformation as well as reflections upon the changes to the profession of architect in the context of China’s transformation will be presented in the Az W in the form of a documentation organised as a history of reception through the media.