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Lecture & Panel discussion

Designing the Health Centres of the Future

Wed 07.12.2022, 19:00-21:00
Bird's eye view of urban area from above

The development of a district health centre in the Vollgut area on the grounds of the former Kindl brewery in Berlin, 2021
© photograph: Jonathan Becker/Leon Klassen

The health centre of the future will add multiprofessional health and social services to primary care. But how are such centres designed and who plans them?

Pandemics, demographic shifts and environmental influences are creating a complex diversity of healthcare needs. The expansion of primary care centres is to create community-based multidisciplinary services. What is the architecture behind them and what social role do they play in new and existing localities? The event brings together a range of perspectives from the fields of research, planning and politics.
Since 2020, the Space Anatomy research group has been dealing with questions about spatial health practices in Austria. A publication and a series of events have been produced in the course of this three-year research process.

In cooperation with the Space Anatomy Research Group, TU Wien.

Lene Benz, Magdalena Maierhofer, Judith M. Lehner, Kathrin Schelling, Evelyn Temmel; Space Anatomy Research Group, TU Wien

Silvia Carpaneto, Neukölln health centre (Carpaneto Schöningh Architekten, Berlin)
Magdalena Maierhofer, Spaces for First Aid Centres (Vienna University of Technology Research Unit of Local Planning — IFOER, TU Wien)

Panel Discussion:
Silvia Carpaneto, Carpaneto Schöningh Architekten, Berlin
Peter Hacker, Executive Councillor for Social Affairs, Health and Sport (invited)
Magdalena Maierhofer, architect, IFOER, TU Wien
Petra Plunger, Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (GöG)

A cooperation by the Architekturzentrum Wien and Space Anatomy, TU Wien