First Vienna Architecture Congress

European Architecture Today

Thu 11.11.1993 – Sun 14.11.1993

Since the move of the 90-ies was a period of transition a panel of european experts will review past achievements and explore the potential.

Architecture is always developing and changing its contours. It is not smooth or predictable. Nor does it adhere to fashion and trends. What we are looking at here, are long-term waves of change, which touch cultural, social, and economic ground. If we look back on the past five years, we can recognize just such a ‘tide’ of architecture in Europe. New realms called for new answers.

The growing complexity of the new urban setting demanded new perspectives. Constructing new facades for a city where stagnation had been at home for years. This is not a sign for a new (post modern) era. What is important here, are the contrasts, the inconsistencies -the individual architectonic feats blending together to be analyzed and documented at the ‘Vienna Architecture Congress’.

The Analysis of the Works: from all over Europe, 14 renown authors and critics were invited to examine their regions 5 best buildings in the previous 5 years and to offer them up for comparison. It is best to observe the construction and presence of ’new architecture’ now, before comtemporary history yields to art history. That is why we will discuss the current all encompassing and most competent presentations of fresh European architecture at the Vienna Architecture Congress in 1993.


Thursday, 11th November 1993

10.00 – Opening
11.00 – Lecture Vittorio Lampugnani – Germany
12.00 – Lecture Bart Lootsma – Netherlands
15.00 – Lecture Neven Fuchs-Mikac – Scandinavia
16.00 – Lecture Ulrike Jehle Strathaus – Switzerland

Friday, 12th November 1993

10.00 – Lecture Marta Cervelló – Spain
11.00 – Lecture Francois Chaslin – France
15.00 – Lecture Marco De Michelis – Italy
16.00 – Lecture Yorgos Simeoforidis – Greece

Saturday, 13th November 1993

10.00 – Lecture Vladimir Slapeta – Czech Republic
11.00 – Lecture Andrej Hrausky – Slowenia
15.00 – Lecture Akós Moravánszky – Hungary
17.00 – Lecture Richard Burdett – England

Sunday, 14th November 1993

11.00 – Lecture Wilfried Wang – Portugal
12.00 – Lecture Otto Kapfinger – Austria
14.00 – Sight Seeing Tour