Film screening and discussions: Interieurs

Fri 26.04.2013, 19:00-21:00

Film screening and discussions: Interieurs
© Sasha Pirker: Cornelius Kolig.

A cooperative undertaking between sixpackfilm and the Az W in the framework of ‘Der geteilte Himmel. sixpackfilm on Location’.

With Aequador the film programme starts in a tropical natural landscape, into which modernist buildings of a utopian vision have been embedded. The vision is also a theme in both portraits of buildings of Sasha Pirker. In Empty Rooms a non defined real space melts together with a virtual space while in Johannes Hammel’s work the furnishings of the 60’s act as a projection surface for memories of a time of social change. With Untitled the circle is closed and the (tropical) Outside enters the Inside as an area of projection for the stories of the protagonists. During the film programme questions of spacial construction, history and cognition are recorded, negotiated and staged using different approaches. The fact that architecture – even retrospectively – can always be thought of under the aspect of the vision, becomes apparent. (Gerald Weber)

Dietmar Steiner, Director Az W

Laura Huertas Millán: Aequador, FR 2012, 20 min

Sasha Pirker: Paperwork, AT 2012, 15 min

Claudia Larcher/Constantin Popp: Empty Rooms, AT 2012, 11 min

Johannes Hammel: Rooms, AT 2013, 9 min

Sasha Pirker: Cornelius Kolig. Anleitungen an die Ewigkeit oder Don’t Fuck with Paradise, AT 2012, 15 min

Neil Beloufa: Untitled: NL 2010, 15 min

followed by talks with the filmmakers

Programme and Moderation: Isabelle Piechaczyk and Gerald Weber, sixpackfilm