Fifth anniversary

Summerfest - "Schnitt im Raum"

Sat 27.06.1998, 17:00-00:00

Fifth anniversary

The “Architekturzentrum Wien” is celebrating

At the fifth anniversary of the “Architekturzentrum Wien” the future of the presence of architecture will be celebrated and symbolized by a sculpture of VALIE EXPORT, “Schnitt im Raum”. A summerfest with fundamental preliminary remarks and speaches concerning the political assignment of the “Architekturzentrum Wien”.

The past will be shown by an illustrated report: a slide show of all events, guests, highlights and.highlights, gives an amusing dive into five years of work.

Guests of honour in historical order:
– Ursula Pasterk, Former city councillor.
– Mag. Gertraud Auer – Borea D’Olmo, Former adviser of the minister of education and culture, former board member of the Architecture Center
– Dr. Rudolf Scholten, former minister of education and culture Dr. Hannes Swoboda, Stadtrat a.D.
– Dr. Gerald Matt, former board member of the Architecture Center
– Dr. Michael Häupl, mayor of the city of Vienna
– Bernhard Görg, city councillor
– Dr. Peter Marboe, city councillor
– Dr. Brigitte Ederer, city councillor
– Dr. Andreas Mailath Pokorny, head of the division for culture
– Dr. Peter Wittmann, minister of state


Summerfest and “Schnitt im Raum”, a sculpture by VALIE EXPORT

Dr. Hannes Pflaum

Slide show:
Five years “Architekturzentrum Wien”, a slide show and chronicle

Dietmar Steiner, Director of the “Vienna Architecture Center”
,,The “Architekturzentrum Wien” as an instrument of cultural policy – the center is architecture”

Five requests:
The guests of honour will quickly present their five requests to the “Architekturzentrum Wien”

Section in space:
Statements to the opening reception of the sculpture

KALLCO, Property developer – company is supporting the construction

Music by DJ`s Werner Geyer and Harald Niessner