Call for Films: Architektur.Film.Sommer 2024

Holidays: all inclusive?

Deadline Submission: 21.02.2024

Tue 12.12.2023 – Wed 21.02.2024
a lot of people in a courtyard sitting in front of a screen at dusk

Architektur.Film.Sommer 2023 in the Az W courtyard
© Photograph: Pablo Leiva

For the twelfth edition of the international open air architecture film festival in the courtyard of the Architekturzentrum Wien, in August 2024, we are looking for documentaries, short films, experimental films and animations on the subject of Travel, Holidays and Tourism.

Tourism has become an integral part of Western lifestyles — among others —and has a major impact on the built environment, on social cohesion and on climate change. Almost every corner of the world can be reached in just a few hours — for a small part of humanity, at least, as it is estimated that only 10-20% of the world’s population regularly travels in their time off. How does tourism impact on whole regions? And what is the role played here by spatial planning and architecture? What are the colonial and neo-colonial structures that have contributed to shaping and constructing tourist destinations? Who benefits from tourism, and what happens when tourists suddenly stop coming? Is there such a thing as sustainability for travel in times of Instagram hotspots and excessive tourism? How will traveling change as a result of the climate crisis? Is it even appropriate to feel comfortable traveling when national borders represent an almost insurmountable barrier and are dangerous places for millions of people?

We invite filmmakers from all over the world to submit documentaries, short films and animations on the subject, to show critical perspectives of historical and contemporary developments. The festival presents topical themes from the realms of architecture and urbanism, and provides an opportunity for exchange and conversation in an outdoor setting.

Deadline for Submissions: 21.02.2024 (23:59)

Include the following:

  • Submission form, completed
  • Film (in a format compatible with VLC player) via private preview link, or online-transfer platform (wetransfer etc.)

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