EXPO 2005 Aichi Japan

Presentation of the Concept for the Austrian Pavillion

Thu 01.07.2004 – Mon 12.07.2004

EXPO 2005 Aichi Japan
© trecolore architects

The Austrian contribution to the next World Exhibition 2005 in the Japanese prefecture of Aichi has been decided upon. With their project The Slope, the group trecolore architects were recently selected as the winners of a two-stage selection process initiated by the Austrian EXPO bureau.

Interdisciplinary creative teams comprising architects, designers, artists and communications agents, cultural scientists or exhibition designers were invited to submit concepts. A total of 42 entries were received, from which 5 teams were invited to fine-tune their concepts for the second stage:

Christoph Karl + Andreas Bremhorst
Ortlos architects
Kadadesign-Softworks with the architecture studio Kada, Loidl oder Co GmbH
trecolore architects

The winning project for the Austrian EXPO Pavilion 2005 presents an impressive stage for sensual experience. From the outside it is a simple cubage-based pavilion with the word ‘Austria’ prominently branded onto the upper half of the facade and a permeable transparent circulation zone. Inside it offers an intelligently managed spatial experience with various thematic stations, under the motto The Art of Life. The central design element is ‘The Slope’, a sculpturally expressive timber construction as an abstract quotation of a mountain that is to serve as a surface for action and interaction at numerous events.

All of the projects submitted are now to be shown for the first time in the exhibition at the Architekturzentrum Wien. The genesis of the process is to be the central theme in a brief discussion at the opening.


Marès Rossmann, Government Commissioner
Robert Punkendorfer, Expo Office Austria Aichi 2005
Dietmar Steiner, Architekturzentrum Wien