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Lecture & dialogue


Competition launch

Fri 22.03.2019, 19:00
Poster in red and purple

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30 Years of Europan! Europan opens the 15th round of this competition and presents the Austrian locations: Innsbruck - Graz - Villach - Weiz - Vienna

The struggle for a city worth living in has increasingly pushed manufacturing companies out of the neighbourhoods. In this anniversary round, on ‘The Productive City’, Europan 15 places a special emphasis on strategies for the re-integration of manufacturing into site development. The return of this programme calls for new approaches to planning and could lead to a shift in urban culture.

A cooperation by the Az W with Europan Österreich


Welcome address: Angelika Fitz, Director Az W

Introductory words: Bernd Vlay, President EUROPAN Austria

Impulse lecture: Kristiaan Borrett, municipal architect of Brussels, architect and urban planner, member of the EUROPAN15-Austria-Jury

Presentation E15 locations: Iris Kaltenegger, General Sectretary EUROPAN Austria

In Dialogue: Hemma Fasch, Architektin, fasch&fuchs.architekten, chairwoman of the EUROPAN15-Austria-Jury

Bart Lootsma, Head of the Department of Architectural Theory at TU Innsbruck, member of the EUROPAN15-Austria-Jury, executive board EUROPAN Austria

Aglaée Degros, Head of the Institute for Urban Development at the TU Graz, executive board EUROPAN Austria

Alexandra Würz-Stalder, Lecturer at the FH Joanneum, executive board EUROPAN Austria

Claudia Nutz, Management consultant – focus on real estate development, spatial planner, executive board EUROPAN Austria

Representatives of the individual locations