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There is another way!

To accompany the exhibition 'Land for Us All'

Wed 05.05.2021, 19:00-21:00
many people in and around a lake, behind it a factory

The ENCI quarry supplied the Netherlands for over a century with lime for the production of cement. In 2018 the artificial landscape was transformed into an impressive nature reserve that provides space for local recreation, rare plants and birds.
© Rademacher / de Vries Architects

A presentation of forward-looking projects that demonstrate a different approach to the use of land in environmental, economic or social terms. Let them inspire you!

Four local and international projects demonstrate that spatial planning and urban development does not have to yield to the dictates of capital and the exploitation of resources, showing instead that with initiative and courage new ways of dealing with land are possible. The event invites you to discuss a new understanding of and way of engaging with the land as a limited resource along with a fair land policy for the future.

Project presentations by:
Vedrana Žalac (Wohngenossenschaft Zimmerfrei Basel) on the Stadterle project in Erlenmatt Ost quarter, Basel
Christopher de Vries (Rademacher de Vries Architects, Maastricht) on ENCI, Maastricht
Kyosuk Lee (MVRDV Rotterdam) on Seoul Skygarden, Seoul
Martin Strele (Verein Bodenfreiheit, Wolfurt) on the association

Moderated by Karoline Mayer, Az W Curator

The event will be broadcast online. Click here.