Architektur.Film.Sommer 2020

Locked In — Locked Out

Film Nights in the Az W courtyard

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Wed 19.08.2020, 20:30
Faces from 4 men and 1 woman

Filmstill "Era o Hotel Cambridge"
© Eliane Caffé

Kaputt – Broken, DE 2016,  7:00 min, original version with English subtitles, R: Alexander Lahl, Volker Schlecht

In this animadoc, former political prisoners Gabriele Stötzer and Birgit Willschütz talk about their detention in the notorious Hoheneck women’s prison in the former-GDR. Drawings and conversations tell of the cramped conditions, arbitrariness and forced labour on products primarily destined for export to West Germany.

Filmstill “Kaputt – Broken”

“Era o Hotel Cambridge” (The Cambridge Squatter), BRA 2016, 99:00 min, original version with English subtitles, R: Eliane Caffé

The situation between empty properties, the housing shortage and squatting in the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo is fraught: the MSTC movement is fighting for a fair distribution of urban space. The portrait of the community in the Cambridge Hotel drifts between feature film and documentary, showing the diversity of fates and hopes of its occupants.

Filmstill “Era o Hotel Cambridge”