Combi-ticket & Combi-guided tour

A cooperation by the Az W and hdgö

On the occasion of the exhibitions „Über Tourismus“ und „Holidays in Austria“

Thu 25.04.2024, 18:00-20:00
several people on a steep meadow with scythes in their hands, high mountains behind them

At the "Schule der Alm" in Vals, Tyrol, attendees can immerse themselves into the lives of mountain farmers and learn traditional farming techniques.
© Schule der Alm, Vals

Running parallel to ‘Toourism’, the exhibition ‘Holidays in Austria. Reinventing a Tourist Destination’ is on show at the House of Austrian History on Heldenplatz (14.03.2024–06.01.2025), which sheds light on the development of Austria as a major tourist destination.

Combi-ticket Az W & hdgö: € 12

How do people’s ideas of the countryside shape holidays between summer retreats and sports tourism, and how does tourism reshape the landscape? Az W and hdgö are offering a joint guided tour with the curator’s of both exhibitions. The focus is on popular destinations — towns, countryside and lakes — how they are invented, how they develop and what this means for infrastructure, land consumption and the housing market.
The tour starts at 18:00 at the Az W and ends at the hdgö in the Neue Burg on Heldenplatz.

Combi-guided tour Az W & hdgö “Stadt-Land-See”: Thu 25.04., 18:00–20:00
Combi-guided tour ticket: € 15 (incl. admission to both institutions)