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Villa Rezek in Vienna by Hans Glas (1932-33)

Modern Architecture Discovered

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Sat 23.11.2019, 12:00-13:30
black white photograph of terrace house

Hans Glas, Villa Rezek, Wilbrandthöhe Vienna, 1932-33
© Franz Mayer

Completed in the same period and context as Villa Beer and Villa Tugendhat, the house and its garden corkscrews upwards with terraces to provide a 360° view of Vienna.

Just before restoration work begins on the largely conserved building with a partly hollowed out interior, architect Maximilian Eisenköck is giving a guided tour of the property and sharing his thoughts on the appropriate treatment of the original substance.

With: Architect Maximilian Eisenköck

Moderated by: Maria Welzig

Participant numbers are limited.
Participation is at your own risk. Parents must take full responsibility for their children.