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Dialogue on the Wienfluss

Fri 29.11.2019, 15:00-18:00
Interior with shaft and galleries made of concrete and glass

Riepl Kaufmann Bammer Architektur: University of Applied Arts Vienna, AT, 2018, Atrium Gangbereich
© photograph: Bruno Klomfar

With an age difference of 64 years, the former City of Vienna customhouse and the Wörle-Schwanzer Tract have co-existed as silent neighbours. Only the Wienfluss appears to have mediated spatially between them. Until 2018, that is, as from then on they were destined to become a couple.

For many years, growing student numbers and the need for renovation has been presenting ‘the Angewandte’ with challenges. With the decision to combine major renovation work and the conversion of the existing substance, two buildings opposite one another were combined in one project. We shall hear more about how conservation and state-of-the-art university building were united with the demand for robust usage, and how the users have been accustomising themselves to it.


With: Daniel Bammer, Riepl Kaufmann Bammer Architektur; Andreas Stampfer, BIG; Maria Zettler, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Moderated by Maria Welzig, Az W