Combi-guided tour Az W & hdgö

That’s What the Guest Wants!

On the occasion of the exhibitions „Toourism“ and „Holidays in Austria“

Thu 29.08.2024, 18:00-20:00
multi-storey house with patterned tiles, white chairs with sunshades stand in front of it on a square

Largo Residências, a hotel, hostel, artist-in-residence programme and café all in one, opened in the Intendente district of Lisbon in 2012. The idea behind it was to revitalise the neighbourhood, create a place for the local population to congregate with the café while also financing cultural projects and social initiatives through tourism. The lease was not renewed in 2021 and the building is now up for sale.
© Photograph: Levente Polyak / Eutropian

Here, the focus is on changes in types of accommodation: Ever-increasing demand has led to both the enormous expansion of hotel landscapes and closures. At the same time, there is a need for ‘authentic’ accommodation. What is the impact of visitors’ requirements on towns, local infrastructure and regional economies?

Combi-guided tour „That’s What the Guest Wants!“: Thu 29.08., 18:00–20:00
The tour starts at 18:00 at the Az W and ends at the hdgö in the Neue Burg on Heldenplatz.
Ticket: € 15 (incl. admission to both institutions)

Running parallel to ‘Toourism’, the exhibition ‘Holidays in Austria. Reinventing a Tourist Destination’ is on show at the House of Austrian History on Heldenplatz (14.03.2024–06.01.2025), which sheds light on the development of Austria as a major tourist destination.
Combi-ticket Az W & hdgö: € 12