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Repair the housing

Wohnimpulse #2

Wed 08.11.2023, 18:00-20:00
Building façade with grooved surface and light green-turquoise elements

The San Remo communal housing project in Munich by Summacumfemmer office Juliane Greb
© photograph: Florian Summa

Who lives with whom and for how long? The demand for housing with floor plans that can be altered is rising as lifestyles and households are increasing in diversity.

Most of the housing on offer is still geared to the model of the middle-class nuclear family. There is a lack of adjustable floor plans that take different lifestyles into account and are conducive to promoting communication and community.

The Leipzig-based architecture studio Summacumfemmer has proven the reparability of architecture in several projects, such as the multi-award-winning San Riemo housing development and most recently with their contribution ‘Maintenance — Open for Reconstruction’ at the Architecture Biennale in Venice. In new municipal housing in Vienna, WUP architektur shows how adaptable and therefore sustainable for the future housing can be.

Keynote: Summacumfemmer Architekt*innen, Leipzig; WUP architektur, Vienna

Moderated by: Angelika Fitz, director of the Az W

Housing Impulses #2 — a series in cooperation with the MA 50/SPI