Contested Centre Taksim Square

About the history of spatial policy in Istanbul

Fri 31.01.2014, 19:00-21:00

Contested Centre Taksim Square
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Welcome address: Dietmar Steiner, director Az W

Lecture: Orhan Esen, urban researcher, author, tour guide and activist (Istanbul)

Taksim Square is historically relatively young, and yet always changing. Ambitions of generations of politicians were dedicated to the conversion and control of this strange piece of urban land. It quickly developed into the most symbolic place of the Bosporus metropolis – the golden apple. The lecture instigates a discussion about the urban history of the Taksim Square, about the background of the current project, about the history and perspectives of the resistance and encourages the analysis of political perspectives.

Orhan Esen, “a native Taksimli”, studied social and economic history at the Bogaziçi University in Istanbul. He is an urban researcher, author, tour guide and activist, amongst others surrounding the Taksim Platformu, and co-founder of the red-green future party. In his article “Taksim 5th November (2012), the codes of a coup” (Birikim, Feb 2013) he looked into the radical conversion and expansion projects around Taksim critically.

This event will be held in German.

Followed by drinks catering