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Talk Show

Club Architektur: Freedom or Comprehensive Insurance Coverage?

Supporting programme for the exhibition 'Form follows Rule'

Wed 29.11.2017, 19:00-21:00
Kinder vor Schallschutzmauer und Kränen

A soundproof barrier protects this housing complex in Berlin from children's noise
© Photograph: Cay Dobberke

What do a country's regulations say about the dominant concept of society there? Which safeguards are important to us as a society?

Where does the fine line lie between personal autonomy and negligence? Is there really no more design leeway left for architecture due to the regulations, or is the frequently mentioned “flood of standards” just an excuse used by unimaginative architects? All this and more is to be under discussion at the second edition of Club Architektur.


Jakob Dunkl, querkraft architekten
Irmgard Eder, Head of MA 37— KSB (Kompetenzstelle Brandschutz)
Silja Tillner, architect, Tillner & Willinger ZT GmbH
Hannes Pflaum, Pflaum, Karlberger, Wiener Opetnik Rechtsanwälte

Moderated by Maik Novotny, architecture journalist