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Time of Crisis: Emergency or Permanent Situation?

Wed 17.11.2021, 19:00-21:00
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Covid pandemic, housing crisis, climate catastrophe. These are throwing our ostensible 'normality' out of balance. However, we still continue to hope that solutions will be found so that things can return to normal as soon as possible afterwards. But what if there is no 'afterwards' and there is no 'normal?

Architecture and the building sector are at the intersection of the current crises: a housing shortage and concrete gold, social distancing and the division of public space, massive energy consumption and CO2 emissions. How are these crises interconnected? Are we now in an age when exceptional situations have become the norm, and are things going to stay like this? How do we handle crises and how can we respond actively instead of completely losing control? What is the view taken by climate researchers, philosophers and housing experts, what are the demands of the younger generation, and what solutions can the ever-optimistic discipline of architecture offer? An interdisciplinary panel discusses these questions on a broad social level.

The event will also be broadcast live:

Alexander Hagner, architect, gaupenraub +/-, Vienna
Elke Krasny, co-curator of the Az W exhibition ‘Critical Care. Architecture for a Broken Planet’, Vienna
Katharina Rogenhofer, spokesperson for the Climate Referendum and co-founder of Fridays for future Österreich, Vienna
Karin Zauner-Lohnmeyer, spokesperson for the European action group Housing for All, Vienna

Moderated by
Maik Novotny, architecture journalist

Thanks to: Das Möbel