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“City Invasions”

Exhibition and book

Wed 22.06.1994 – Mon 19.09.1994
Exhibition poster

Exhibition poster: City Invasions
© Architekturzentrum Wien, graphic design: Krieger|Sztatecsny, Büro für visuelle Gestaltung

opening day: June21, 1994, 7 p.m.

Exhibition and book “City Invasions”

14 projects for Vienna by international architects and their students. The projects of the 3rd and 4th Viennese Seminar on Architecture were continued and edited for this exhibtion.
Vienna is growing. But how?

This is a question to which the international architects and students participating in the Viennese Seminar on Architecture every summer must find an answer. They stormed Vienna and left the results of their brainstorming behind for Vienna to benefit from. Architects came from all over Europe to participate in the 3rd and 4th Viennese Seminar on Architecture, contributing with new ideas and projects for the city. 14 projects, general statements on problems regarding the city and living in it imbued the debate with a new quality focusing on the very future of the city!

-William Alsop, London
-Wiel Arets, Heerlen
-Kees Christiaanse, Rotterdam
-Peter Clash, London
-Roger Diener / Jens Erb / Dieter Righetti, Basel
-João Luis Carrilho da Graça, Lisabon
-Janez Kozely / Ales Vodopivec, Ljubljana
-Christoph Langhof, Berlin
-Ueli Marbach / Arthur Rüegg, Zürich
-Yves Lion, Paris
-Enric Miralles, Barcelona
-Christos Papoulias, Athens
-Boris Podrecca, Vienna
-Helmut Richter, Wien
together with over 200 students

The catalogue accompying the exhibition:

“Stadteinfälle” – City Invasions
14 International projects for Vienna
272 Pages, 210 c and 200 b/w, Deutsch/English
Birkhäuser Verlag Basel, Boston, Berlin 1994
Editor: Architektur Zentrum Wien 1994
ISBN 3-7643-5110-1(Basel)
ISBN 0-8176-5110-1 (Boston)
ÖS 998,40 / DM 128.- / sFr 108.-