Case Studies Urban Gardening

guided tour by curator with short talks

Thu 15.03.2012, Daily 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM, Wednesdays until 09:00 PM

Case Studies Urban Gardening
© Shu-Mei-Huang

event in English only

guided tour: Elke Krasny, curator of the exhibition


Kirsten Tiedemann, historian, „Kaisenhäuser Bremen“

Chi-Ho Chung, designer & activist farmer, „Ma Po Po Farm“

Marjetica Potrc, artist, „Community Garden Amsterdam“

Heidi Pretterhofer & Dieter Spath (Arquitectos), „Macondo“

Ingrid Sabatier & Stephan Schwarz, architecture researchers, „Sarigöl“

Ana Laura Ruesjas, Architektin, über „Mexicali Experimental Project”

Catherine Venart & Pablo Molestina, architects, „Quito“

Daniel Kerber, artist, „more than shelters“

In a guided tour of the exhibition ”Hands-On Urbanism 1850 – 2012. The Right to Green“ with curator Elke Krasny experts on the case studies shown in the exhibition will have an opportunity to engage in a dialogue with the public. In short project-related talks they will tell us about their experiences with urban gardening, self-organisation and bottom-up urban development.

admission free

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