Built in the Sun and the Wind

part of the Vienna Ferienspiel (for ages 6+)

Mon 06.02.2012 – Thu 09.02.2012

Built in the Sun and the Wind
© Heinz Wagner

It can get rather hot in Australia. Despite this, the architect Glenn Murcutt has succeeded in building houses entirely free of any air conditioning. Often his buildings do not even require heating, even though it can be quite chilly in Australia during the winter. How does he do this? Would this work in our climes? What can environmentally friendly homes of the future look like? As a group we take a closer look, find traces of the Aborigines in Murcutt’s architecture, and make our own building!

Mon 06, Tue 07, Wed 08 & Thu 09.02.2012
from 10am to 12 noon

Reservations required for workshop participation:: 01-522 31 15 or