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Panel Discussion

Building In Vienna

Panel discussion to accompany the exhibition "5,000,000 m3 Vienna"

Wed 23.07.2003, 19:00-21:00

[RE]build Vienna
© Martina Höfler

To accompany the opening of the exhibition: ‘5,000,000m3 of Vienna. The New Large-Scale Projects’, in which 16 buildings/complexes are to be presented – all of which are respectable and effective in urban development terms – the Architekturzentrum Wien would like to invite you to a discussion.

Guest speakers:

Rudolf Schicker, Executive Councillor for Planning
Ariel Muzicant, Colliers Columbus Immobilien
Christoph Stadlhuber / BIG business manager
Norbert Steiner, senior manager of the Austrian railway (ÖBB) Station Offensive
Rudolf Mutz, MBG Wiener Messe Besitz GmbH business manager
Moderated by: Dietmar Steiner, director of the Architekturzentrum Wien

There are concrete plans for various sites distributed right across the city (Donau City, Prater, Vienna Airport, the Erdberger Mais and Aspang developments, Laaerberg, Westbahnhof train station, Sch_nbrunn Palace, the Wiener Stadthalle). The question arises as to what plans for the urban development zones had/have been drawn up by the local planners to restructure them as a whole and to attune them to one another.

Is the euphoria surrounding the large number of new projects and sites justified, how many more office, venue and commercially zoned surfaces does Vienna require or can it support?

What positive impulses can be provided in the co-operation between the municipal authorities and private investors, where is this happening successfully and what is the current status quo?

Who are the protagonists behind the future image of our city?

What are the criteria for a ‘successful’ large-scale project and what influence can high quality architecture exercise on the marketing activities of the real estate sector?

What does the situation here look like compared with the situation in other European capital cities?

Followed by the opening of the exhibition