Exhibition opening

Brutally Brilliant

Student exhibition

Wed 27.06.2018, 14:00
brutal concrete architecture

Minoru Yamasaki: Pahlavi University (today: Shiraz University), Shiraz, Iran, 1960–1979
© Photograph: Hamidreza Bani

Brutalism is frequently controversial, and people react strongly to the use of raw concrete. Pupils of the Henriettenplatz BRG ORG and the AHS Rahlgasse spend two months engaging with Brutalism, mass housing developments and, above all, concrete as a raw material.

What can you do with it, and what potential does it have? What global challenges and social utopias were these buildings reacting to? The languages of Brutalism are as varied and international as those of the pupils. The pupils show the relationship they developed with the phenomenon using concrete objects and audio impressions in their exhibition ‘Brutal Genial’ (brutally brilliant).

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