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Symposium, excursions, pre-premiere film screening

Bretteldorf Re­vi­sit­ed

A century of informal urban development

Fri 05.10.2018 – Sat 06.10.2018

Traces of 'wild settlement' in Bruckhaufen, Vienna-Floridsdorf
© photograph: Friedrich Hauer

To mark the 100th jubilee of the Republic of Austria, the symposium is dedicated to the frequently overlooked history of 'wild' Vienna, the squalor of the unplanned urbanisation and its traces still in evidence today.

Where and how does informal production of the built environment occur? During the two-day symposium, historical and current examples from Vienna and other European contexts are introduced and examined from a multidisciplinary perspective. City walks provide insights on site.

The Friday afternoon begins with lectures on the history of ‘wild settlement’ in Vienna — the informal production of space since 1918. In the evening, the keynote speeches address Europe’s largest slum, in Cañada Real near Madrid, and the informal culture of building in Italy. Saturday starts with guided tours on foot through the city. In the afternoon, current informal urban practices are examined in lectures and discussions. The heritage of ‘wild’ Vienna is viewed in context with new forms of grass roots urban production. To crown the evening, Melanie Hollaus has kindly permitted us to screen her documentary before it goes on release.

Programme Symposium:

Fri 05.10.2018, 14:00–20:30


14:00 Welcome address: Angelika Fitz, Director of the Az W

14:10–15:45 Introductory lecture: Friedrich Hauer, Andre Krammer, urbanists


16:00–18:00 Informal space production in Vienna since 1918

Ulrike Zimmerl, historian

Ulrike Krippner, Landscape architect

Peter Autengruber, historian


European Context

19:00–19:15  Intro to the Keynote Lectures, Friedrich Hauer, Andre Krammer, urbanists

19:15–19:40 Keynote 1: Francesco Chiodelli, urbanist, L‘Aquila

19:40–20:05 Keynote 2: Regine Keller, landscape architect and urban planner, Munich


Sat 06.10.2018, 09:55–20:30


09:55–12:00 Guided tours on foot in originally ‘wild’ settlement districts

Biberhaufen revisited

Bruckhaufen revisited

Wolfersberg / Kordonsiedlung revisited

Reservation required, from 10.09:

Brief lectures:

14:00–16:00Current aspects of urban informality

AKW Lobau (Wagenplatzkollektiv)

Andreas Hofer, urban planner

Daniele Kárász, urban anthropologist

Annika Rauchberger, social worker

Moderated by Friedrich Hauer

Panel discussion:

16:30–18:00 The legacy of “wild” Vienna: Urban structural heritage and significance for current forms of “urban production from below”

Elke Krasny, curator, culture theorist

Klaus Steiner, urban planner

Mara Verlic, urban sociologist

Moderated by Andre Krammer

Documentary, pre-release screening:

19:00–19:30 Talk with the filmmaker and contemporary witnesses

Leopold Draxler, sculptor (Bruckhaufen)

Edda Peter (Bruckhaufen)

Moderated by Judith Leitner

19:30–20:15 Wiens “wilde” Siedlungen (AT), D.: Melanie Hollaus

20:15–20:30 Talk with the filmmaker and the curators of the symposium

Melanie Hollaus, film maker

Friedrich Hauer, urbanist

Andre Krammer, urbanist

Moderated by Judith Leitner


Concept + realisation: Friedrich Hauer, Andre Krammer
Organisation: Bettina Büttner-Krammer

The research project receives a Republik in Österreich — Demokratie in Wien grant from the Science Council of the City of Vienna Culture Department