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Bratislava – Vienna = 55 km

tour 66

Sun 24.09.2000, 07:45-19:30

Bratislava - Vienna = 55 km
© Henrieta Moravcikova

In Front of the Door:
A tour through Vienna’s neighbouring town, on the trail of similarities and differences to be seen in the 20th century architecture.

Fridrich Weinwurm, Ignac Vecsei
Nova Doba apartment buildings, 1932–1942

Josef Marek
The Avion apartment building, 1931–1932

Klement Silinger
The Anatomic Institute, 1923–1927

Roman Hajek (Mitarbeit: Andrej Alexy)
Haus Krater, 1996–1997

Ferdinand Milucky
Crematorium, 1962–1968

Emil Bellus
The Slovakian Rowing Club, 1930–1931

Juraj Fecanin, Heinrich Kupec, Stefan Polakovic, Josef Konrad (Reconstruction)
The German Danube Rowing Club, 1930–1931

Jozef Lacko, Ladislav Kusnir, Ivan Slamen
SNP Bridge, 1968–1973

Alois Balan, Jiri Grossmann
Exhibition space and clubroom of the Slovakian society of artists, 1924–1926

Alois Balan, Jiri Grossmann
Kreiskrankenkasse with hospital, 1936–1939

Ödön Lechner
St. Elisabeth Church, 1904–1908

Emil Bellus
Nationalbank, 1936–1938

Juraj Tvarozek
Slovakian Sparkasse bank, 1929–1931

Emil Bellus
Housing association apartment buildings, 1933–1939

Josef Rittner
Military administration building, 1909–1913

Meeting Point: 7:45 A.M. (be punctual) at the main entrance to the Museumsquartier Vienna
Departure: 8:00 A.M., return approx. 7:30 P.M.
Don’t forget to bring a valid passport and Slovakian Crowns!

Guides: Henrieta Moravcikova, Monika Platzer

Tickets: EUR 51.10 (ATS 700.-), including travel costs and lunch

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