Book presentation – Christmas book-days

In the field of tension of sound - space - time and structural building

Fri 18.12.1998 – Wed 23.12.1998

Book presentation - Christmas book-days
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Opening: Thursday, December 17, 1998 at 7 p.m.

Hannes Pflaum, Architekturzentrum Wien
Edelbert Köb, KUB – Kunsthaus Bregenz / vorarlberger architektur institut
Bernd Barde, Cantz Publishers

Architecture in Vorarlberg since 1980
A guide on remarkable 260 buildings
by Otto Kapfinger

The strength of the architectural scene in Vorarlberg is the structural perception, the development of space resulting from construction and use. A lot of the buildings are special for they do not want to be anything but optimal standards for everyday life. The compact volume offers the first comprehensive presentation of this regional focus of contemporary architecture in Europe
366 pages, 420 illustrations, 200 plans
KUB – vorarlberger architektur institut
Hatje Publishers
ISBN 3-7757-0763-8
On the book: Otto Kapfinger

Bernhard Leitner

A documentation on the multi-disciplinary artistic work that has been performed by Bernhard Leitner since 1968 (project sketches, notations, space-score, sound-space-objects and sound-architectures) showing completely new dimensions and experiences of sound, time and space. Text contributions i.a. by Norbert Miller, Wulf Herzogenrath, François Barré, Franz Schuh, Helga de la Motte as well as a talk with Ulrich Conrads on listening to architecture.
320 pages, 200 illustrations, 100 of them are coloured
Cantz Publishers
ISBN 3-89322-411-4 (German edition)
ISBN 3-89322-444-0 (English edition)
On the book: Cathrin Pichler, Bernhard Leitner