Online Guided tour in dialogue

Land for Us All

Loam Construction: Anna Heringer, architect, and Martin Rauch of Lehm Ton Erde

Tue 04.05.2021, 19:00-20:00
4 people stand in front of a wall with green, pink, yellow panels

Opening "Land for Us All", 09.12.2020
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The soil is both a raw material and a valuable resource in the work of Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch. The Erdenbürger*in by Lehm Ton Erde is an industrially produced seating object made of stamped loam, inviting visitors to linger in the exhibition while providing an opportunity for a conversation with two experts about the advantages of and current developments in loam construction, as well as questioning the way we treat land.

The guided tour will be broadcast live via Zoom. Click here.