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“BildRaum” – “Survey of New York”

Filmweek and Retrospective

Fri 01.07.1994 – Sun 10.07.1994

opening: June 30, 1994, 7 p.m.

The city seen through the eye of a camera: no focus on the city as the stage and topographical foil for action, but rather a study on the different perceptions of spaces through the film medium. 30 film and video programs dealing with the dialogue between film and architecture were shown under the title “BildRaum”. A selection from the festival “film & arc 1”, that took place in Graz in December 1993 was shown in the cinema Stadtkino in Vienna.

The video productions were shown in the Architekturzentrum Wien. In order to extend the “image language” of architecture, of the city and of space by the historical dimension, the retrospective “Survey of New York” was shown, a real city, portrayed with carefully selected examples of the cinematographic processing of space. The project was a collaboration between the Architekturzentrum Wien, Viennale, film+arc.graz, and Stadtkino Wien.

Additional events:
Juni 30, 1994
Lecture by Roger Connah:
“Mind the Gap – From Scene to Screen and Back Again Thoughts on Film and Architecture”

July 10, 1994
“On The Reality of Film and Architecture”

A debate with the directors
– Dominique Cabrera “Chronique d’une banlieue ordinaire”
– Carmen Tartarotti “Paradiso del Cevedale”
– Stan Neumann “Paris, roman d’une ville”
and with Friedrich Achleitner, Marc Mer, Charlotte Pöchhacker, Dietmar Steiner and the audience