Panel Discussion

BIG Az W: What do we need architects for?

Panel Discussion

Wed 29.03.2006, 19:00-21:00

BIG Az W: What do we need architects for?
© Dan Perjovschi

The Az W and the BIG (Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft) are to be playing host to regular public discussions twice a year at the Architekturzentrum Wien. The topics under discussion are to be taken from topical issues in the building and architecture sector that affect both planners and the construction industry and investors. The aim of these evening events is for both the building and the architecture worlds to share their experiences with one another.

The added value provided by well-planned architecture is not always immediately clear to all investors, building and real estate companies. On the contrary: in wide circles it is regarded as expensive and risky to employ architects and large and important projects are increasingly being developed without architects. Against this background BIG Az W invites important representatives of the building construction industry to explain their view of things and to engage in lively discussion with the public.

BIG Az W intends to explore the following questions:
What are investors’ reservations about architects based on?
Why are architects nevertheless commissioned?
Which factors could contribute to improving the relationship between clients and architects?
How, and using which criteria, can the value added to architecture be measured?

Podium guests:

Winfried Kallinger, Kallco Bauträger GmbH
Gerhard Kratochwil, BIG – Planen und Bauen
Horst Pöchhacker, Allgem. Baugesellschaft A. Porr AG
Elisabeth Weihsmann, Wohnungsgenossenschaft Jakomini, Graz
Moderation: Dietmar Steiner and Ute Woltron