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Panel Discussion

BIG Az W: Generation Render

With sketches and/or computer designs to the built reality

Wed 12.11.2008, 19:00-21:00

BIG Az W: Generation Render
© Atelier Bow-Wow

In English


Paul Seletsky, Senior Manager Digital Design, SOM, New York

Panel discussion

Paul Seletsky
Hans Puchhammer, architect, Vienna
Dietmar Steiner, director Az W
Sandra Manninger, SPAN-Baukunst
Michael Lisner, Virtual DynamiX
Moderated by: Elke Krasny, curator of the exhibition
Ute Woltron, architecture journalist

To accompany the exhibition this time BIG Az W wants to analyse architect’s design tools, and explore the charged arena between traditional hand-sketching and the computer-generated rendering. How has designing improved? Do new tools, such as highly specialised computer programmes, actually lead to different architectures? What opportunities are emerging with these new architectural instruments – and is best use really being made of them? How do architects manage to transform virtual forms into reality later, undamaged by the standardising force of the building industry?

Admission free