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Panel Discussion

BIG AZ W: Dream Spaces for the Future

Architecture Training

Wed 08.11.2006, 19:00-21:00

BIG AZ W: Dream Spaces for the Future
© Dan Perjovschi

Lectures and Panel Discussion only in German

BIG Az W wants to compare the qualities of the architecture training provided at Austrian universities with that of other countries in a round of talks and lectures. With Dietmar Eberle, Klaus Kada and Adolf Krischanitz, 3 architects who work in international architecture schools, talk about their own experience and teaching aims at the ETH Zurich, Aachen University of Technology and the Universität der Künste Berlin respectively.


Dietmar Eberle, ETH Zürich
Klaus Kada, University of Technology-Aachen
Adolf Krischanitz, Universität der Künste Berlin
Lectures approx. 15 minutes

This is followed by a debate between representatives of the domestic architecture schools, their graduates and representatives of the chamber of architects as part of a panel discussion on the current state of the education situation in Austria.

The Panel

Christian Kühn, TU-Wien
Sigi Loos, IG Architektur
Andras Pálffy, University of Technology in Vienna
Hannes Pflaum, lawyer
Rudolf Rollwagen, Architect

Which teaching models are pursued in this country and internationally?
What are the aims defined in the training to become an architect, if any, at Austrian universities?
Is the number of graduates and teaching staff to be open to question?
What qualifications do students graduate with in an international comparison?
Does domestic architecture training equip people to cope with the future?

Moderated by: Dietmar Steiner, Director Architekturzentrum Wien, Ute Woltron, Architecturejournalist

Dream Spaces for the Future

As the BIG (Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft) sees itself as a patron of quality architecture, it would like to actively support prospective architects at the outset of their careers. From Spring 2007 graduates are to be provided with office space at drastically reduced rent for a limited period of time, under the title ‘Drea/Rooms for the Future’. Christoph Stadlhuber, managing director of the BIG, is to introduce this advancement programme after the Az W discussion.

Admission free