Workshop (7–12)

Building with Bamboo, Basalt, Concrete and…


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Mon 17.07.2023 – Fri 21.07.2023 daily 08:00–17:00
a group of children doing handicrafts outdoors on tables

An opportunity to experiment with all sorts of different raw materials.
© photograph: Az W

Did you know that some types of bamboo can grow up to 25cm per day? How do you build with clay, and is it even weatherproof? Can you erect a skyscraper out of wood? Are these questions you would like to know the answers too? Then this summer academy is a great fit for you: The architect Yasmeen Lari has built countless houses in Pakistan out of clay, lime and bamboo, and these buildings have proven to be particularly robust — even in flood and earthquake areas. For one week, we experiment with different building materials, engage with issues of sustainable architecture, explore the parks in the area and build whatever we can.