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Balkan Reloaded

Lectures and discussion

Wed 29.01.2014, 19:00-21:00

Balkan Reloaded
© Kai Vöckler

On the basis of the experiences of independent urbanistic interventions in the cities of south-east Europe, is it possible for us to identify development and qualification strategies for transformation- and post-conflict situations?

A publication about the Archis Interventions network in south-east Europe presents different approaches to doing this and answers the question with a clearly affirmative yes! The publication presents contributions by local initiatives from throughout the region and aims to stimulate the urbanistic discussion, but also concrete interventions – with a presentation and discussion in the Az W.

Welcome address: Dietmar Steiner, Director Az W
Introductory lecture: Kai Vöckler, Offenbach, Archis Interventions SEE

Panel discussion with:

Orhan Esen, Istanbul, Arkistan
Dragan Krstevski, Skopje/London, First Archi Brigade
Filip Radunovic, ERSTE Stiftung
Tatjana Rajic, Kotor, EXPEDITIO
Katharina Ritter, Az W
Aneta Spaseska, Skopje, First Archi Brigade

Presenter: Kai Vöckler

Admission free!

This event will be held in English.

With the support of: ERSTE Foundation