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Az West: Closing event + Concert: Ernst Molden

Closing event for the exhibition '1 Question, 10 Days, 5 Elements' at the Az West

Sat 02.02.2008, Wed-Sun. 2pm - 8pm

Az West: Closing event + Concert: Ernst Molden

Live concert by Ernst Molden
Address: Az West, 35 – 37 Flachgasse, 1150 Vienna

Ernst Molden is an acknowledged expert with an exceptionally profound knowledge on the literature and music of his hometown of Vienna. As one of the most exciting and indigenous of contemporary artists living in the city, Ernst Molden, born in 1967, is “the last Victorian” (H.C.Artmann on Molden) and has in the meantime become a fixture on the domestic singer/singer-songwriter scene. Alongside his published columns, essays and novels, among other achievements for which he was awarded the Austrian Forderungspreis (prize for emerging writers) in 2000, he has released half a dozen albums with his own compositions. Solo and in alternating formations (initially as Teufel und der Rest, Ernst Molden und Der Nachtbus, and now simply as The Ernst Molden Band), he has toured extensively in Austria and the German-speaking countries. His two albums ‘Wien’ and ‘Foan’ are scheduled for release in March 2008.

Ernst Molden will be providing an acoustically satisfying tonal preview of same.

Admission free!