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Accompanying Programme

Az W Student Day

In cooperation with Vienna University of Technology, Department of Architecture Theory

Thu 13.10.2016, 10:00-23:59

Az W Student Day
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As part of the architecture theory seminar by Kristian Faschingeder, 20 students have prepared for the exhibition ‘In The End: Architecture. Journeys Through Time: 1959 –2019’ at the Architekturzentrum Wien, and undertaken in-depth analyses of different positions in the exhibition. These students are giving a special guided tour of the exhibition for Student Day, with featured talks between 12 noon and 7pm.

Luana Gurban: Smart City. How Will Technology and Information Transform our Cities?

12.30pm Simona Samova: Presence of the Past

Doroteya Boteva: Gentrification in Vienna

Emre Kilic: Why is Open-Source Architecture Not a Widespread Practice?

Lisa Bloderer: How Have Responsibilities Shifted for Social Architecture in Vienna?

Laura Hattinger: Critical Regionalism in Austria

Elif Hayran: Understanding Transcultural Pluralism in Postmodern Architecture

Margit Haider: Analogue Architecture Today“

Bal?zs Nagy: Is Green Architecture also Sustainable Architecture?“

Anamaria Vestemean: Utopia. Concept and Idea.

Ioana Morariu: Memories of Analogue Architecture

Maximilian Mandat: Standards and Laws in the Architect’s Profession

Party at 7pm

with live music and a dance floor in the Az W Podium
in cooperation with fachschaft:architektur

Bring your own booze! There is a small bar serving beer for spontaneous arrivals and the forgetful. We look forward to welcoming all architecture aficionados.

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