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Az W on Site

Az W on Site: ÖAMTC Central Offices – 4pm

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Fri 21.04.2017, 16:00-17:00

Az W on Site: ÖAMTC Central Offices – 4pm
© Toni Rappersberger / ÖAMTC Zentrale, Pichler & Traupmann Architekten

Duration: 1h per guided tour
Architects on site: Pichler & Traupmann Architekten
Moderated by: Anneke Essl

Reservations: from 27.03., by E-Mail only to
Max. 35 participants per tour

There is new architecture springing up on Highway 23, the Südosttangente. The new building provides an urban contrast in surroundings dominated by manufacturing and traffic. Brought together at this new location now are 800 employees, a generous service centre for members, a technical support station and a helicopter landing pad. The dynamic shape of the building demonstrates that everything here revolves around the subject of mobility. A generous outdoor space with prominent stairs hallmarks the thoroughly open character of the building, which continues in the modern workshops. Two guided tours provide an opportunity to inspect the site with the architects.

Further date: 21 April, 5pm